Financing Purchase of 1,000 Acres of Agricultural Land

Getting funding for the purchase of land that doesn’t have planning permission can be difficult – unless you have the right professional support.

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Financing Purchase Without Planning Permission

Our client wanted to purchase 1,000 acres of farmland and then use it for development, despite it not having the right permissions in place at the point of acquisition.

What We Did

Working closely with the local authority’s planning officials to manage a process that would see existing planning restrictions for the site lifted, the land was identified as a ‘zone’ for future development.

These approvals gave us the ammunition to launch a bid for support from funding partners, and 70% of the £10m OMV was raised to buy the site and secure it for future development.

Full Steam Ahead

Now, 5 months on, the client has secured her agriculture land loan and begun development proceedings. She has already increased the value of her purchase by 50%.

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