5 of the World’s Most Famous Property Developers

When it comes to celebrities, you may be surprised by just how many gained wealth and status through property. The amount of money that can be made through property is staggering, with five of the top 14 richest women in the world achieving billionaire status as a result of real estate. With no further ado, here are the most famous property tycoons:

Candy & Candy

Nick and Christian Candy are brothers who specialise in developing some of the most luxurious homes in the UK. The Candy brothers are widely recognised entrepreneurs in London, with Nick being named as the entrepreneur of the year by GQ Magazine in 2011. If not universally recognisable on their own, then Nick’s wife, the singer/ actress Holly Valance, brings a touch of A-list celebrity with her.

The Candy brother’s joint net worth is in excess of £2billion. Considering they started off with non-conventional property development finance in the form of a £9,300 loan from their grandmother in 1995, they’ve come a long, long way in just 20 years.

Jennifer Dalton

(image: @flygirljennifer)

When it comes to famous property tycoons, money isn’t everything. Dalton is by no means the wealthiest property tycoon on this list, with a net worth of just $15 million. However, she is well known for her appearance on American reality TV shows such as Pregnant in Heels, The Real Housewives of New Jersey and for her properties, which have been featured in High Net Worth and CNBC.

Her knowledge of the industry is highly sought after due to the strong relationships that she shapes with the best builders, designers and contractors in New Jersey. She has built and developed many homes for some of the biggest names in USA entertainment.

Simon McDowell

Not every property tycoon starts off in construction or is born into a rich family. Some, like Simon McDowell, work hard to save the money they need to allow them to make strong property investments. McDowell is well remembered as an ex-international Irish rugby player, who became a referee after he sustained a serious injury in 1990.

Despite being a successful assistant-referee, working both the 2007 and 2011 Rugby World Cups, Simon has a staggering net worth of £54 million. He’s built this up through purchasing a quarry, which he then developed into a company that provides rendering products for concrete.

Donald Trump

Love him or hate him, you can’t deny that Donald Trump is a household name. You can find him on American TV, trawl through his books, and see him on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list, but what made Trump his money was real estate.

Property runs in the Trump family, with Donald’s parents being infamous as New York City real-estate developers – providing him with a brilliant start to make his billions in property. He has land and buildings all over the world, including a highly controversial golf club in Scotland.

Linda Ashley

Linda reached fame and fortune through her previous marriage to sportswear billionaire and owner of Newcastle United, Mike Ashley. Linda invested her settlement wisely through property development, managing to take her £50m divorce settlement and turn it into £75 million by buying and selling properties and taking stakes in several small businesses.

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