Booming Businesses

Every business has big aspirations to be the best they can be. Expansion is the aim of the game as this means your business is successful and profitable. But how do you get there? Will your business take off?

Most businesses will pay a visit to commercial finance brokers, start a recruitment drive and kick off a mass marketing campaign but one of the best ways to boost your business is to learn from the best.

Here Are Some of the Best Examples of UK Business Growth:

The largest spa booking agency in the UK made nearly £7million in the year ending December 2011 with an annual sales growth of 198%. Wow! offers listings of spa days and weekends in more than 500 venues worldwide, receiving more than 600 enquiries a day and sending more than 2000 people a week to a spa of some kind.’s office is located in central London where their 30 staff click away at their computers to bring you the best deals for relaxation and pampering.

Genuine Gemstone Company

The Genuine Gemstone Company is a British family-owned business that sells precious gemstones through their website and television channel Gems TV. Founder Steve Bennett set up the business in 2008 which now runs from Worcestershire.

The company has seen tremendous growth in recent years with an annual sales growth of 245% in the year ending March 2012. Their 265 staff brought in a whopping £54.5million that year making it the fastest growing company in the UK at the time.

Jamie’s Italian

You’ve probably heard of Jamie Oliver. A famous television chef who is not afraid to voice his opinions and beliefs. Oliver is also a restaurateur. Jamie’s Italian chain of restaurants is based in central London with 35 locations scattered across the country.

Jamie is a very rich man as in the year ending December 2011 Jamie’s Italian had annual sales growth of 168% and made £72million. The chain employs 1725 staff.

Mobile Account Solutions

Mobile Account Solutions was set up in 2006 by experienced telecommunications worker Danny Cox. The company supplies mobile phones to businesses of all sizes, offering high-level management account systems as well as broadband packages.

The Hertfordshire company has a great reputation and to date has found that this alone is more effective than advertising. This reputation may be the reason for their success with takings of £61million in March 2012 which is huge when you consider they only employ 14 staff.

Lenstore is an online contact lens retailer based in London; it was set up by Oxford University graduate Mitesh Patel in 2008. With in-house opticians Lenstore can not only provide customers with a product but a comprehensive service including professional advice.

Lenstore only employ 28 staff but in the year ending January 2012 made record sales of £5million giving them an annual sales growth of 159%. Very impressive!

Are any of these businesses in a similar industry to your company? Check out how they made their success, you never know, the insight could turn your company into a booming business.

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