Four of the World’s Best Property Investment Hotspots

Are you thinking of investing in property? If so, you’ll want to know the best places to do so. It’s all very well going into property investment, but you need to choose locations that will offer you good value. There are a number of destinations where investing now looks far more attractive than 12 months ago. Read on for our countdown of the world’s best places to invest in property.

4. Hong Kong

The city’s most luxurious residential areas are all on Hong Kong Island, close to international schools, clubs and main business districts. Prices have risen quickly in these areas over the last few years but in Sai Kung and Clearwater Bay, you can enjoy a high quality of life that entails sailing clubs, beaches and hiking for a snippet of the cost of the more traditional areas.

The cost of lavish and opulent accommodation in the East New Territories area has increased by 65% since 2008, compared with an astonishing 80% on the island. You can expect to find a house with a garden and views for approximately £1,100/sq.ft whereas in the Southside district on the island this type of property would typically average around £2,500/sq.ft.

What does this mean? There’s more room for growth over the imminent years, particularly as access improves.

3. Barcelona


The dream of buying a property abroad is one that never fails to disappear. Who wouldn’t want to buy a property in the sun? And when the sales turnover is up by 250% in the stunning city of Barce-lona, you’d be silly to miss out on purchasing a property here.

The Spanish government is wooing overseas buyers. How? Stylish two-bedroom apartments in classic buildings are available for about £400,000. Now could be the perfect time to invest in a buy-to-let property in a much-loved European city.

2. Dubai


Dubai has come a long way since the financial market’s boom-and-bust. Since 2013, property prices have risen by more than 30%. Dubai is a city you’ll either love or hate; like marmite. However, ac-cording to research, the cosmopolitan metropolis is the second most attractive real estate invest-ment market in the world for high net-worth individuals.

So which city is most attractive?

1. London


London has come out on top when it comes to property investment. The two most sought-after areas in the city are Kensington and Notting Hill, due to the abundance of high-end restaurants, designer shops and good schools. Now whilst you can find these factors in many cities, there’s something additional that London has to offer: green open spaces.

Kensington Garden spans across 275 acres and Hyde Park covers 350 acres, making it one of the largest parks in London. Why wouldn’t you want to invest in property in a city that’s unique in this way to any other in the world?

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