New Year, New Venture: Start Your Own Business in 2015

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As we now enter 2015, the New Year has got many people thinking about changes they can make for the coming year. Why set yourself a New Year’s resolution to lose weight, cut down on drinking or anything else when you are almost guaranteed to give up on it by February?!

Instead promise yourself that you’ll do something you’ll stick with, something that will change your life. Why not set up your own business?

A New Year’s Resolution

According to a UK study into New Year’s resolutions, 1 in 10 Brits have vowed to set up a new business in 2015. The survey by asked 1,693 people what their resolutions would be and a surprising amount were career related.

18% of those questioned wanted to find a new job or change career direction, 26% wanted to get out of debt, whereas 11% were going to start their own business.

The company then questioned those who said they were intending on setting up a business on how their plans were coming along. A huge 78% admitted at this point it was still just an idea, whereas 22% had got the ball rolling and already started the set-up process. That’s 41 new businesses!

Why Start Up a New Business in 2015?

There are numerous reasons why starting up your own business is a good idea, and here are just a few:

• Be your own boss – that means no one to report to, you make your own schedule and no need to ask for permission to go on holiday. This does however mean you have the responsibility of the business in your hands.
• Staff selection – don’t like the people you currently work with? No worries! When you start your own business you choose who you work with and who you employ.
• Reap the rewards – as a business owner you will reap the rewards of any profits made, but be aware that you will also be liable for any loses.
• Challenge yourself – it’s easy to get into a rut in the same job for years on end. Starting up a new business can signify a new challenge where you can become really passionate about work again.
• Give back – many people set up businesses because they have recognised a gap in the market or something their local area is in dire need of. You could be giving the people what they want.
• Tax benefits – with any business there are some great tax reliefs on business expenses such as petrol, food and phone bills.
• Job security – do you live in fear of the ‘last one in, first one out rule’, or maybe budget cuts mean your job is never stable? Well, by starting your own business you can feel secure in your position.
• Cut the commute – it is likely when you first start out you’ll be working from home, depending on your business idea. This means you won’t have to battle your way through the morning commuters each day.
• To make your dreams come true!

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