Property Investment Around the M25

If you are looking for the perfect location to invest in commercial or residential property there is nowhere better than the areas that surround the M25 in London.

Why Invest Around the M25?

London property prices are at an all-time high, and demand is extraordinary. As a result, this popular area is expanding outward into commuter areas, so once quieter, less known towns are seeing a surge in investment, with property prices quickly increasing.

This isn’t only good news for residential property investors: With an influx of people, these areas will need businesses and facilities to cater for their every need; they could become prime business real estate in the coming months and years.

Although slightly further out than the city centre, transport links around the M25 are great, meaning a trip into the centre of London will take less than an hour. And thanks to the UK’s network of motorways a journey across country is direct and (as long as you don’t hit traffic) easy.


Where Around the M25 Should You Invest?

Online estate agents have identified 5 key towns around the M25 which are set to be property hotspots thanks to the huge development investment in the areas.

Let’s take a look at these towns in more detail and identify why they would make a great place to invest.

1. Colchester

Colchester, in Essex, is one of the oldest towns in Britain, and was popular with the Romans 2,000 years ago. There is plenty to do here with its own castle and zoo, plus there are some great schools, making it an ideal place for families to live.

Properties in Colchester have seen a 10.5% increase in price in the last 3 years, making it a steady market to invest in. The average new build family home here would set you back £325,000, well below the London average, and would only be a 50 minute train journey to London Liverpool Street station.

Colchester will see a major revamp in coming years; there is a £70million shopping centre development planned, which is set to make the town centre a mecca for shopaholics, and attract a number of businesses into the area too.

2. Aylesbury

Aylesbury is a county town in Buckinghamshire, which has a new large housing development to the north of the town, with a train station nearby. As a result, it is a popular area with families and busy working professionals alike.

The average new build family home in Aylesbury is a little bit more expensive at £300,000, but links to London city centre are still good. A train to London Marylebone will take just under an hour.

Property prices in Aylesbury are steadily on the rise, and in the last 3 years they have gone up by 9.15%. This is mostly thanks to the many recent investments in the area, including the £50million Waterside Theatre.

3. Didcot

Didcot in Oxfordshire is similarly priced to Aylesbury, but is quite a bit nearer to London, with a train to London Paddington taking only 45 minutes. And it’s a great place to invest too: In the last 3 years, property prices have risen by a whopping 16.3%.

Didcot has recently had a new retail area built named the Orchard Centre, and the Crossrail from Reading is set to give the area an even bigger boost. Many investors are now jumping at the chance to buy in this area with new housing developments springing up within walking distance of Didcot Parkway.

4. Basingstoke

A little further south, you will find the pleasant area of Basingstoke. Basingstoke is 48 miles southwest of London and an average commuting journey will take you 55 minutes, a time that is clearly manageable as the area is now extremely popular with commuters. So much so that property here has risen by 14.3% in price over the last 3 years.

Basingstoke would make a great location to invest in commercial property too. It is known by some as ‘roundabout city’ thanks to its many roundabouts and great transport links. Not only is a commute to London painless, but Oxford, Reading and Southampton have strong links here too.

5. Tunbridge Wells

Property here in Kent in South East London is a little pricier, with the average new family home costing £325,000, but the commute is shorter (45 minutes) and property investment is relatively safe (3 year rise of 15.1%).

Tunbridge Wells has long been a commuting favourite and the town is responding to the demand by building new housing, such as the new development north of the town named Lakewood.


If you have been looking into property investment around the M25, then now is a pretty good time to do it; with 3 year property price increases of around 10% or more, this area could provide the opportunity you’ve been looking for!

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