The Most Profitable Business Sectors to Get Involved with in 2015

Are you looking at investing in a business start-up over the next few months? Then surely you’ll want to place your money where it will be safe, secure and have potential to grow exponentially?

Here are the most profitable business sectors to get involved with in 2015.

Invest in Finance to Make Money

According to a study by financial information company, Sageworks, accounting services are by far the most financially sound business investment. A study of 1,000 financial statements from private companies with less than $10 million (£6.4 million) in annual revenues found accounting had the best profit margins. This bracket included accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services.

However, service-based businesses were also very profitable. This included healthcare organisations and property companies. Sagework analyst, Jenna Weaver, has said:

“Service-based industries often have very healthy bottom lines.

“Their overhead and equipment costs are often relatively low, and much of the time, it doesn’t take a lot of upfront investment to get started.”

Weaver adds: “Often times, in cases like consulting, accounting, and legal services, you can get started right inside of your house, without even worrying about renting a space.”

The top 15 industries by net profit during the year ending July 31st 2014 were:

1. Accounting, tax preparation, bookkeeping and payroll services – 20%
2. Oil and gas extraction – 19.2%
3. Commercial and industrial machinery and equipment rental and leasing – 17.7%
4. Legal services – 16.5%
5. Estate agents and property brokers – 14.8%
6. Physicians – 14.8%
7. Dentists – 14.5%
8. Company and enterprise management – 14.1%
9. Leasing or selling property 13.6%
10. Other health professionals – 13.1%
11. Mining support activities – 12.3%
12. Warehousing and storage – 11.6%
13. Management, scientific and technical consulting services – 11.6%
14. Outpatient care centres – 11.5%
15. Other property related activities – 10.6%

Investing in Business

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur these industries may be the best place to start. But you’ll have to spend money in order to make money in any industry. As the saying goes ‘you have to speculate to accumulate’.

To start your own business you will need working capital, whether that’s for buying equipment, manufacturing costs or simply money for you to live off. But where can you get this funding? We can help with that!

We help businesses of all sizes source business investment or ‘angel’ finance. This is where someone invests their time, money and professional experience into your company during the start-up or growth phase. So if you have all the ideas, talent and drive, but not the funds, this may be the perfect finance for you.

Equally, if you’re a keen investor, then you can benefit too. What does the investor get out of this deal? A wise investment in a project they believe could make them more money in the long run.

If you’re looking for business investment finance to set up a business in one of the most profitable sectors Pure Commercial Finance can help! Whether you’re looking for angel funding or alternative investments, get in touch today on 02920 766 565 to discuss your options.

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