Why Choose an Interest Only Commercial Mortgage?

When it comes to mortgages, there isn’t a one size fits all solution. Some businesses will benefit more from repayment while others will prefer interest only commercial mortgages. There are pros and cons to every type of mortgage, here’s everything you need to know about choosing interest only.

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Lower Repayments

Due to the nature of this type of mortgage, you will be paying much less back every month than you would with a repayment option. The idea of this is that with lower repayments, more money will be available allowing you to be able to put enough aside to pay off the amount owed at the end of term.

Potential for Misuse

Interest only mortgages have been bashed in the news lately, because people misused the loan and neglected to save for the long term. This is something that can happen to businesses just as easily as it could with individuals. You need to understand that you’re only paying off the interest rates and not the mortgage itself.

Ideal for Long Sales or Lump Incomes

If you know that your business will be bringing in a lump sum of money either through the sale of another property or by closing a large deal, then the interest only could be the perfect solution. You’ll generally have much lower repayments over the loan period and could repay the loan at a much lower cost in a much faster time than repayments.

Greater Flexibility

Typically repayment mortgages will charge you extra if you repay early, or only allow you to pay up to 10% of the mortgage value early each year without cost. However, if can’t afford to keep up with the regular repayments then you could wind up in trouble with the lender.

With interest only commercial mortgages you can pay more when you have the money and less when you don’t – making it perfect for businesses with seasonal income.

Perfect for Property Development

Anybody who’s planning on buying a commercial property for development would want to consider interest only. The lower repayments mean that you won’t be eating into the costs of your renovations, giving you more cash to play around with.

You managed to buy the property at a low cost and plan on selling it on for more, this is ideal because you can sell the property for more than it was bought for. This means that you just have to repay the bank loan and keep the rest of the profits.

A mortgage should be completely tailored to the borrower’s needs, making sure that you are able to meet the repayments without forcing your business to suffer from debt.

Talking to a commercial mortgage broker can help to find the best solution for your needs, get in touch with us today and let us help you to find the perfect interest only commercial mortgage.

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