Why is Britain the Best Place to Invest?

We all think that Britain is pretty great and that our home nation is a brilliant place to do business, but it’s also reassuring to hear that some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs also think it’s worth their investment too. Let’s take a look at why:


Britain is a Brilliant Investment!

Asia’s richest man, Wang Jianlin, (he’s worth £8.5billion) who is the chair of China’s largest property company, Dalian Wanda, has stated that he considers the UK to be the best place in the world to invest in thanks to our open market.

Mr Wang recently told the BBC that he intends on investing over £650 million in the UK entertainment industry over the next few years and may take after many other Asian investors and consider buying one of our football clubs.

Mr Wang said: “I’ve travelled to many countries to consider them for investment, and most admire Britain’s market,”

“Britain has one of the highest degrees of free market openness, no investment needs to be scrutinised, it’s entirely up to you.”

Why is Britain Best?

China has a £6.66 trillion economy, has an annual growth of 7%, and will soon overtake the US as the richest country in the world, so why would Wang and his friends want to invest in our little island?

Well, he claims that China needs a reform of its markets so, one day, they will become more open. Currently, the dominance and high power of state-owned firms in China is restricting private companies from both China and abroad.

Mr Wang has commented: “I think China’s market should be more open. Maybe China is not as open as the UK or USA at present. It is probably because we are relatively backward in some respects,”

He thinks in the next few years there will be a huge privatisation of land in order to pay off national debt, something that he and his company would hugely benefit from.

But what about the US? Why not invest there? Simple answer – the US is stricter than the UK. The Committee on Foreign Investment in the US takes a close look at the money coming into the country and can block an investment if they feel fit; something which can be expensive for business owners should it happen.

A Bit More About Wang Jianlin

So what else do we know about Wang Jianlin and how he will be investing in our country? Well, he already owns the British boatmaking firm, Sunseeker, the American AMC cinemas and Swiss company, InFront.

He has been looking to invest in London for some time and many UK football clubs have approached him as he currently has a 20% stake in the Spanish team, Athletico Madrid. So far though, nothing has been actioned out due to disagreements over prices.

Where Should You Invest?

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