Commercial Bad Credit Mortgages

If you have a bad credit history, accessing a competitive commercial mortgage can be tough. Without in-depth knowledge of the industry, it can be extremely difficult to find a sub-prime lender that meets your needs, and almost impossible to get the best deal. That’s where Pure Property Finance comes in.

We are a team of regulated, experienced bad credit mortgage lenders who are expertly equipped to meet your finance needs.

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    Our large network of UK lenders allows you to enjoy access to the best possible deals on bad credit commercial mortgages – allowing you to get the finance you need and get your investment off the ground.

    Key features

    • Up to 75% loan to value
    • Access to private banks, wealth managers, and specialist lenders available
    • Durations from 3 months to 30 years
    • Additional leverage options available

    What can you expect from Pure Property Finance?

    • Attention to detail – finding funding with bad credit is hard enough. There’s no need to make it more difficult by submitting a poor-quality application to the lender or even the wrong lender for your situation. We dot every ‘i’ and cross every ‘t’ to ensure your tender is as good as it can be and in with the lender that matches your situation and needs.
    • Keeping you informed – unlike other brokers we’ll let you know exactly what’s happening with your mortgage application. Throughout the entire application we’ll keep in touch with you and any other related party whether that’s your IFA, accountant or solicitor; making the process as smooth as possible.
    • Finding the right finance – instead of simply finding any old lender that will give you a sub-prime mortgage, we source one that’s perfect for your business. Plus, there are no upfront fees.

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