Mezzanine Finance

Every project is different and as such you deserve to have a mezzanine finance package that is absolutely tailored to your individual wants and needs. Pure Property Finance can ensure that you get the perfect package with the best rates and the ideal lender.

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    Key features

    • 100% funding available
    • Second charge
    • No geographical or maximum funding limits
    • Finance available for residential, mixed use, care homes, healthcare, commercial and hotel projects

    What is mezzanine finance?

    Mezzanine finance is a type of top-up funding to help fill a gap between a developer’s equity and the amount that the main lender will provide. This is normally secured by having a second charge over the property in question, while the bank or initial lender hold a first charge.

    By taking out mezzanine funding, the developer is able to obtain maximum return with minimum cash contribution. Often with busy developers, having a strong cash flow and good contribution levels can be the key to a project’s success and give the developer the ability to potentially invest in other opportunities.

    Is mezzanine financing for you?

    There are a number of factors that can influence a developer looking for mezzanine finance and if these issues relate to your current situation, find out if mezzanine financing would work for your project by talking to us today to see how we can help.

    • The main lender requires a greater cash contribution than you have
    • You want to retain capital for other potential projects
    • The project was undervalued during the application process, requiring a greater contribution towards the deal

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