Self Employed Contractor Mortgages

Whether you’re a tradesman or a taxi driver, a consultant or a freelancer, sometimes lending can be difficult when you’re self-employed. That’s where specialist contractor and self-employed mortgages could help.

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    Have you previously encountered issues getting a loan? No problem

    If you’ve previously applied for a mortgage and been rejected by your bank or a building society, or you’re worried you don’t meet ‘typical’ lending criteria because you’re self-employed, you’ve come to the right place. We can help.

    We specialise in finding competitive mortgage deals for ‘out of the norm’ cases, so if:


    • You haven’t been trading long
    • You’d rather lenders deal with your accountant rather than a SA302
    • You’re paid in a foreign currency
    • You don’t pay yourself much from your successful business
    • Your company has varying net profits from year to year

    How is a contractor mortgage different?

    As you’re self-employed, lenders may see you as a higher risk than a person with a fixed income, therefore they’re likely to ask you for more evidence of earnings than with a regular residential mortgage application. The way the lender assesses this will depend on whether you’re a sole trader, work as a partnership or own a limited company.

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