Invoice factoring and confidential discounting for manufacturers.

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    Power your company’s growth with invoice factoring and discounting

    When you’re running a manufacturing business, it’s easy for your finances to get stretched.

    And while investing in the latest technologies and skilled staff is essential for every forward-thinking business, these financial pressures mean that it’s not always possible. That’s where Pure Property Finance’s invoice finance products come in.

    In the post-recession economy, your business will be looking to take advantage of any opportunities that comes its way. Invoice finance allows you to access the money tied up in your invoicing the day you raise those invoices to the client; a flexible, fast cash injection that allows your business to expand further.

    How can we help your manufacturing business?

    • Fast finance with the equity in the invoices released in a matter of 24 hrs.
    • Our team have years of experience in sourcing finance for manufacturers.
    • We've great rates and the most competitive plans from leading financiers.
    • We can help you drive growth and unlock the equity for you to invest in your business.
    • Get the money you need at a time that suits you.

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