Deal of the Month July 2019: Finance Without Approved Change of Use

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Sometimes, at no fault of your own, timings can be off. Finance may fall through, plans may not get approved immediately, or there simply may be a bureaucracy backlog. However, don’t let that hold you and your project back.

This was the case for one of our clients. Despite difficulties caused by change of use on a property not yet being approved, we were able to secure them funds, making this our Deal of the Month.


About the Deal

Our client came to us after purchasing a formers doctor surgery which they wanted to redevelop. They had already tried working with two competitors of ours, who had not been successful in getting them what they wanted, so came to us.

The client had also already been in talks with and negotiated for a nationwide takeaway and funeral care company to become tenants of the redeveloped property. However, they didn’t have the appropriate change of use. Therefore, we were tasked with finding more than £400,000 at 70% of the purchase price from a lender who would hold the application until the change of use was secured. Something we managed in just a few short weeks.

Our expert team were able to secure a deal based on the covenants of the new tenants, but terms changed slightly when we were due to complete. However, we were able to convince the lender that we would still be able to arrange refinance and the deal was successful.

Our client now has a bridging loan in place and we will soon be arranging commercial exit finance for them too.


Do You Require Finance in an Out-of-the-Norm Situation?

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