Half of Brits Believe Property is the Most Lucrative Retirement Investment

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Nearly half of Brits think property is the most lucrative investment for retirement according to a study by the Office for National Statistics.

Investing in Bricks and Mortar

A recent survey into retirement investment and savings has found that nearly half of people believe that investing in property is the most lucrative option available. This figure is almost double the amount of people who answered ‘company pension’ and has risen 40% since 2010.

This clearly shows that, despite the threat of Brexit, there is great confidence in the strength of the long-term property market across the country. Andy Haldane, Chief Economist at the Bank of England, admitted back in August that he thought buying property was a better investment for retirement than a pension and many have agreed despite the many tax benefits that come with taking out a pension fund.

In recent decades, buy-to-let has proved to be lucrative for many, however recent changes to stamp duty and tax reliefs could limit this for those hoping to hit the jackpot with property investments in future.

The Office for National Statistics study also reported that personal pensions got few votes with just 6% saying they were the best investment; stocks and shares were the top choice for just 8% of respondents, and Premium Bonds got 1%.

However, when it came to the safest investment, rather than the most lucrative, employer pensions came out on top. 41% of respondents thought employer pension schemes were the safest way of saving for retirement, with property trailing in second at just 28%. 11% chose personal pensions as the safest option and 5% said savings accounts.

Financing Your Property Purchase

We find finance that is built around your needs and requirements. So, whether you decide to invest in a buy-to-let property or a commercial property, we can help to find you a competitive loan. Here are a few of your options:

Portfolio Mortgages – This multiple property mortgage consolidates all of your lending in one place, so if you have mortgages or loans against multiple properties (or intend on purchasing more buildings soon) all finance is kept with one lender. This makes repayments and organisation much more straightforward.

House in Multiple Occupation (HMO) Mortgages – If you would like to purchase or remortgage a property that is home to multiple occupants, such as student accommodation or flat shares for young professionals, you may require a specialist HMO mortgage.

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This can be difficult to do on your own, as this kind of finance is undesirable to many lenders, but with our expert broker’s help you can ensure you get a competitive rate.

Auction/Bridging Finance – If you’re a little spontaneous and need short term finance for an auction property, bridging finance can fill the gap while you wait for a mortgage to be processed. We’ll do our best to get you this temporary finance as fast as we possibly can.

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