The 7 Most Inspiring HQs in the World

When a client walks into your business premises, first impressions count. No matter how brilliant your speech is, or how hard you work, if your office looks tatty and unkempt you’re not going to get far.

Your commercial finance can cover not only the purchase of the property, but the cost to do it up too. So if you are planning an office redesign take some design inspiration from the following companies. They know how to make a first impression that will be remembered:

(images: James Cridland under CC BY 2.0)

BBC, Media City, Salford


This is the BBC’s brand new, northern HQ and isn’t it swish? This open plan hot desking office is fitted with the latest design features including telephone chairs, collaboration pods and even giant neon thought wheels. And don’t think you can get away with being naughty here; the security guards will catch you on their Segway scooters!

Corus Entertainment, Toronto, Canada

Who wouldn’t want a 3 story slide in their office atrium? The Corus Entertainment office is huge, at 500,000sqft and it is home to over 1,000 members of staff. The company believes that if their staff have fun, they will be in a great mood and be more productive at work. So as you may imagine there are a number of unusual features besides the slide, including ice hockey rink shaped tables in the meeting rooms.

(image: Desk Union)

Hootsuite, Vancouver, Canada

This is the dream office for many people. It’s a converted police station, with its own yoga studio, tent offices, nap room and beer taps in the kitchen. Don’t miss happy hour Friday from 5pm! The company even allows staff to bring their dogs in to work, in order to relieve stress.

Missing Link, Johannesburg, South Africa

Missing Link is a presentation and conference organising company whose bold ideas continue into their office interior design. This bizarre office is colourful and a little bit crazy. It has a slide, a fireman’s pole that lands on a target, and a treehouse too! There’s also a shooting range, tattoo parlour, a stage and even a food truck. This office does look a little confused but we think it is brilliant!

(image: Telegraph)

Mind Candy, Shoreditch, London

Game creators Mind Candy have brought the magical world of their games to life in this colourful and cartoon-like office. Home to Moshi Monsters founder Michael Acton Smith, the office is crammed full of all the toys and games you can think of. It’s a big kid’s dream world.

Red Bull, Soho, London

Combine the clean lines and simple elements of modern design with an invigorating brand such as Red Bull and what do you get? Well, a huge slide and a ping pong meeting room of course! The offices were designed by Jump Studios, and we think they’ve got the mix of fun and business just right. What do you think?

Selgas Cano, Madrid, Spain

There is something so peaceful about the woods and Selgas Cano’s self-designed woodland offices take full advantage of this. The architecture firm’s office just outside Madrid, has a curved glass wall, which opens the office to the elements, while keeping its staff warm, dry and focused on work.

Okay, so admittedly a slide or woodland hideaway may be slightly out of budget for your office, but you get the idea. You should be proud of your business premises, so show it off to the best of its ability! What does your dream office look like? Get in touch today to discuss your options for financing it.

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