Why We Love Property TV Shows

Are you always looking for an excuse to kick off your shoes and watch some TV? Well, you don’t need justification to watch property programmes – they’re educational! Don’t believe us?

Here is our pick of our favourite shows and what you can learn from them.

Grand Designs – Channel 4

grand designs

Grand Designs, presented by Kevin McCloud, has been on our screens for 15 years now and it shows no sign of stopping anytime soon.

Each episode follows a family or couple, who embark on the adventure of their lifetime in planning and building their dream home. There are ups and downs, and some people never actually finish the build!! But those who do, always end up with a fantastic looking family home.


So what can you learn from this? Well, with nearly every episode there comes money problems. Most builds run dramatically over budget, and take much longer than expected, putting the owners under financial struggle.

Here at Pure Property Finance we deal with money every day and know how important it is to get the correct bridging and development finance when planning a project. Grand Designs inspires us all to dream big, but reminds us to be realistic about budgets and how important it is to speak to a professional before starting the process.


Homes Under the Hammer – BBC One

Homes Under the Hammer is another long-running daytime favourite. It is a little different from all the other shows though, as all the property bought is done so at auction.

Each property auction is filmed; the new owners are then interviewed and revisited once the work is done to see if they have made a profit or not.


Not only is Homes Under the Hammer interesting, as it gives us a glimpse into the possible success in the property development industry, but it cements the importance of having the correct finance in place and to see a property before you buy (something many people do not do).


Double Your House for Half the Money – Channel 4

Sarah Beeney is a favourite presenter for many since she has such experience in the property development industry. And in this show she showcases the underdog by following stories of those who are making changes on a limited budget.

Every project on this programme sees an existing family home developed immensely to create more living space for an extended family. Why do this? Well, many simply can’t afford to buy what they want, so they build it instead.


Double Your House for Half the Money teaches viewers how to be clever with their money. So whether you are eligible for a £20,000 or £200,000 loan you make it work the best it can for you.

See, we told you TV can be educational! If you would like more information on any form of property finance please feel free to give us a ring or tweet us!

(featured image credit: Channel 4)

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